Who is behind Brevio and why should I trust it?

Brevio was founded and is funded by highly accomplished philanthropist Marcelle Speller, who was awarded an OBE for her work in the voluntary sector. 

Brevio is driven by research and shaped by feedback. We worked closely with the University of Bath as well as charities and grant makers big and small, to build Brevio. 

We are a not-for-profit, certified  B-corp and UK registered social enterprise. We are deeply committed to having a positive impact on society and we continually invest in research and development that pays back into the sector. We are independent, which means we are impartial and can fairly meet the needs of both funder and applicants.

Brevio’s board is made up of world leading experts spanning technology, academia, government and blue chip organisations. Read more about our team

What types of organisations can use Brevio?

Whether you’re a registered charity, a company with a social purpose (or both), you can register with Brevio. Check our full list of organisation types below:

Registered Charity
Unregistered Charity
Registered Company
Unincorporated association or club 
Scottish charitable incorporated organisation (SCIO)
Public body
Educational Establishment
Co-operative Charitable
Incorporated Organisation (CIO)

What is Brevio and how does it work?

You probably research and fill out many funding applications and have found they all require pretty much the same information. That’s where Brevio comes in - Brevio automates the initial steps in grant research and application to save you from filling in endless grant forms. Brevio provides you with:

- One organisational profile capturing the standard data 
- Space to tell your story and write about your mission
- A dashboard to add all your specific and ongoing funding needs
- Instant notifications when you’re matched to funds for which you are eligible. 

Ready to join? https://app.brevio.org/applicant/sign_up/get-started 

How does the matching actually work?

Grant-makers already using Brevio
Our flagship product matches you to grant-makers using the Brevio application. Grant-makers set up their eligibility criteria on Brevio, choosing from a range of categories, services and types of organisation. Charities set up their funding needs within Brevio, choosing from this same range of categories to establish their focus areas and beneficiaries. Brevio then matches charities to any grants which they meet the eligibility criteria. It may sound complex but it’s all very simple: real-time eligibility matching. 

Grant-makers who are not using Brevio
Brevio has recently added a large number of grants to our database, some of these grant-makers are using their own application forms and processes. In order to apply for these funds you must to go to the grant-makers website and apply directly. The matching still works, showing you what your organisation is eligible to apply for.

We are working with all types of grant-makers to make it easier for them to receive the Brevio application form, but in the mean time to make it slightly easier for you, you're able to download your Brevio profile by clicking the "Download funding profile" button in the grant information page, or via the 'My funding needs' tab, and you can copy and paste the information grants-makers require, or use this as a supporting document to submit as part of your application.

Every time you are matched we will alert you via email, you can then:
- View details about your matches and the grant-maker
- Apply instantly to any grant-makers using the Brevio application
- Follow the link to apply for matches outside of Brevio

*Please note: while we will always match you to any public grant criteria, we cannot guarantee complete eligibility to grant-makers using their own application forms, and you should always double check the criteria before applying.

What will I need to sign up and how long will it take to complete?

During the application you will need the folllowing information:

- Your organisation’s details, including governance, staff and trustee numbers
- Governance and safeguarding details, including any relevant documents & policies
- Key people and financial information, including signatories, forecast income and recent accounts
- Details on what you are seeking funding for, including your focus areas and beneficiaries.

Most of these you will only need to provide once. You can update this information at any time via your dashboard. 

Once you’ve got all the information ready joining Brevio should take no more than half an hour to complete. 

You can also invite a team member to help you fill out the required sections. If at any point you need to come back to the application later, you can save your progress and complete it when you are ready. You can also update your information at any time via your dashboard.

Can I use Brevio to find grants for different projects and funding needs?

Yes, Brevio works best when you add multiple funding needs to cover your charity’s different requirements. You can set up as many funding needs as you like, under the following categories:

- Capital costs
- Core costs
- Loan
- Project / Idea
- Capacity Building
- Monitoring & Evaluation

Each time one of your funding needs get a match you’ll receive an instant alert.  And best of all Brevio will continually check for new matches for all of your funding needs!

What types of grant-makers do you work with?

Brevio already works with a variety of grant-makers and we are talking to new grant-makers everyday. We are working with:

- Community Foundations
- Corporates
- Councils
- Government
- Grant-making organisations
- Mayors
- Philanthropists
- Trust advisors  
- Membership bodies
- Wealth managers

How much does Brevio cost?

At the moment Brevio is free to try! You can find all of the updated pricing information on this page by following this link https://nonprofits.brevio.org/pricing

Who can see the information that I enter into Brevio?

Only grant-makers will be able to view your organisation's details. Brevio has done extensive work to be GDPR compliant and data secure. Brevio also provides the opportunity for some sensitive information to be hidden from grant-makers, for example women’s shelters.

How will I know if my application for a grant has been successful?

Once you have applied for a grant you will be notified by Brevio that your application has been successfully sent. The application will then be reviewed by the grant-maker who is responsible for contacting you directly to outline the outcome of your application and next steps.

If you need to discuss anything related to your application (and the closing/decision date has passed) please contact the grant-maker directly.
Sounds like a no brainer, right? Sign me up.

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