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No matter what type of non-profit you are, Brevio can support you and your team to research and apply for grants.
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Getting started with Brevio is simple.

Tell your story and describe your organisation’s focus, easily choosing your focus areas and beneficiary groups from carefully researched industry keywords and categories that match to grant-makers criteria.

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This is where you tell us about what you need funds for.

Whether you’re looking for funds to cover your core costs, start a new project, or provide training for your team, Brevio can help. We use each of your funding needs to match you to available grants, and help drive grant-makers to create grants that suit these needs.

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Let Brevio keep working in the background.

Brevio keeps working even while you’re focused on other things. Our smart technology continuously checks whether you’re eligible for new grants added to the system. There’s no need to keep logging back into your account to check for matches. We’ll notify you instantly via email as soon as you receive one.


Use your details to apply inside and outside of Brevio

View  match information inside your dashboard and decide which grants you wish to apply for. For some grants you can simply apply using your Brevio profile, others may require a separate application process. All of your details are safely stored on our system ready to access or refer to when making applications.

Find matches for all your funding needs. Spend less time on grant research and more time delivering your services.

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